holp visual


A different way of bringing to the public eye an image adapted to a discipline.

Holp Visual is dedicated to the world of inforarchitecture. We represent anything that you can imagine, from initial sketches of buildings, houses, businesses , etc. to its final representation, achieving realistic results or aiming at more dreamlike representations, offering the observer a wide range of posibilities. After all, it’s about being as expressive as possible, highlighting the most relevant spaces and elements in each intervention, always adding a personal and artistic touch to the projects. But of course, never forgetting the spatial and formal accuracy; we try that the audience understand “the idea” through the power of the image.

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Holp Visual also specialises on medical, scientific and research image. Actively collaborating with specialists in the field, we have achieved our first images of real patients.



Briefing, Corporate imagen, Logos… we are versatil


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